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In an endless sea of stars...
at the edge of the universe
How's My Driving?

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By protecting someone, he's trying to survive...Collapse )

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25.1 : Landel'sCollapse )

26.2 : QuestionsCollapse )

27.3 : RescueCollapse )

28.4 : DoyletonCollapse )

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29.5 : VisitorsCollapse )

30.6 : FrustrationCollapse )

31.7 : BatteriesCollapse )

32.8 : MetalCollapse )

33.9 : TherapyCollapse )

34.10 : BasementCollapse )

35.11 : SyncCollapse )

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36.12 : RevelationsCollapse )

37.13 : Paper CranesCollapse )

38.14 : What Lies BeneathCollapse )

39.15 : FatherCollapse )

40.16 : PoisonedCollapse )

41.17 : HonestyCollapse )

42.18 : InfectionCollapse )

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43.19 : I.R.I.S.Collapse )

44.20 : DeathCollapse )

45.21 : RevengeCollapse )

46.22 : ReunionCollapse )

47.23 : CrossroadsCollapse )

48.24 : ForgottenCollapse )

49.25 : Sleep StudiesCollapse )

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50.26: RecuperationCollapse )

51.27: HopeCollapse )

52.28: MotherCollapse )

53.29: SecretsCollapse )
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Dear Tom,

They're letting us write in to you, so I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. Maybe if I send you letters on a regular basis it'll help you on your road to recovery. I know I'd rather see you at home. But this isn't supposed to be depressing!

I've gotten back into my studies - the good kind of studying. I have to make up for what I missed, but I should be back to being top in my class before too long. Not that I ever expected this to be difficult. Natural talent and all that. Maybe I'll do something cliched and send you some drawings from my art classes later. Most of them aren't good enough for a portfolio anyway.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to mention that Paul and David said hello. I'm not writing their letters for them, though. They need to get on that themselves.

Anyway, it's not as exciting here without you. Hopefully I'll see you soon.

- Danny

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Currently in Room M44Collapse )

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Everyday I see so many new faces and hear so many new names. People from different times, different worlds...it's almost kind of overwhelming sometimes, and yet you learn so many new things just by having a regular conversation with someone.

But what connects us all together like this? Is it just the fact we're all stuck here? Is it really all a coincidence? Maybe that would be the most logical explanation, but there's got to be something we all share that's pulled us together like this.

The external forces that decide whether we're in the right or wrong place at this moment...it'd be awfully convenient to call it a coincidence, wouldn't it?

A strange twist of fate. That's it. I think it must be fate.
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